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Pioneer International's sustainability initiatives

As a business, we’re committed to improving the impact we have on the environment.

This goal is two-fold: it comes down to the ways we operate and the products we produce.

PFAS Explained.

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals found in refrigerants which never break down. These forever chemicals, when released into the atmosphere, water, and into the human body, can cause many problems, including:

Environmental problems

-Do not break down EVER, leading to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

-Can move through soils and contaminate drinking water sources

-Buildup in fish and wildlife

Human problems

-Increased risk of cancer (kidney and testicular)

-Hormone disruption

-Liver and thyroid problems

-Reproductive harm

PFAS chemicals have been found in 99% of humans tested.

Environment Activists Protest

Low GWP refrigerant

Pioneer utilizes M50, M60 and R290 natural refrigerant. The GWP of these refrigerants is less than 3. Making Pioneer air conditioners the most sustainable on the Australian market.

 Zero PFAS emissions

PFAS gases are becoming a hot topic in the HVAC industry. PFAS gases are forever chemicals, meaning they never break down. These gases also increase the risk of cancer and other health conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Pioneer units using natural refrigerant only need half as much refrigerant to operate effectively. This results in lower discharge operating pressures, reduced demand on the compressor and lower electricity usage. Saving money on the consumers power bill.

We sort our waste

Great waste management needs a clear and easy-to-follow waste system. We have disposal locations throughout our office and warehouse so our team can sort their cardboard, soft plastics and metals from their general recycling and landfill waste. 

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un paper towels.webp

We don’t use paper towels

Seems small, but with our staff and customers using our office & warehouse bathrooms daily, the waste can add up. Instead of single-use paper towels, we use washable handtowels, Fancy! So, we’re able to reduce our paper towel waste and consumption at the same time.

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