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  • Low GWP refrigerant
    Pioneer utilizes M50, M60 and R290 natural refrigerant. The GWP of these refrigerants is less than 3. Making Pioneer air conditioners the most sustainable on the Australian market.
  • Zero PFAS emissions
    PFAS gases are becoming a hot topic in the HVAC industry. PFAS gases are forever chemicals, meaning they never break down. These gases also increase the risk of cancer and other health conditions.
  • Longer AC Lifespan
    Due to Pioneer units using natural refrigerants, the unit only needs half as much refrigerant compared to other companies which use synthetic refrigerants. This means the compressor in our units operates at half its capacity while achieving the same cooling and heating functions.
  • Energy efficiency
    Pioneer units using natural refrigerant only need half as much refrigerant to operate effectively. This results in lower discharge operating pressures, reduced demand on the compressor and lower electricity usage. Saving money on the consumers power bill.
  • Changing Legislation
    Changing regulations have seen councils updated building requirements. These changes include new buildings requiring HVAC products to utilize refrigerants with GWPs of <10. Parramatta, North Sydney, and Sydney City councils are the first to make these changes.
  • Tailored products
    Pioneer products can be tailored to your required commercial needs. Pioneer engineers are the best in the business and can alter units to meet your required specifications.
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